Idaho Board of Nursing Response to Surge in COVID-19

Tuesday August 17, 2021

The Idaho Board of Nursing is collaborating with stakeholders across the State to develop solutions to eliminate barriers and meet the immediate needs of Idaho residents.

If you were previously licensed in Idaho as an LPN, RN, and/or APRN and your unencumbered license is inactive, please complete the brief 1-page Temporary Reactivation of Nursing License PDF application and submit it to If your inactive Idaho license was prior to 1990, please contact us at (208) 577-2476. This application fee is waived.

Temporary Reactivation Application 

Nurse Apprentice Authorization: Idaho Rule authorizes the Idaho Nurse Apprentice Program.

    • As a Nurse Apprentice, nursing students may perform functions as unlicensed assistive personnel through the nurse delegation model.
    • Nursing students that meet the requirements as listed above will need to submit the PDF application to Only electronic copies will be accepted at this time.
    • The nursing student and faculty contact will receive an electronic copy of the Idaho Board of Nursing letter designating each nursing student's Nurse Apprentice status.
    • Each Nursing Program is required to:
      • Develop outcomes around the Nurse Apprentice Program if hours will be used as clinical hours.
      • Identify a faculty member to serve as the main contact for healthcare organizations seeking to hire Nurse Apprentices.
      • Provide the Board with a complete list via email of the nursing students that are:
        1. Interested in becoming a Temporary Nurse Apprentice.
        2. Have successfully completed a basic nursing fundamentals course; and
        3. Are in good academic standing in the nursing program.
      • Retain a copy of the Idaho Board of Nursing letter authorizing each nursing student to be hired as a Nurse Apprentice as part of this program.
      • Provide a copy of the above-mentioned letter to the applicable healthcare organizations participating in this program.
      • Provide the Idaho Board of Nursing with a monthly report documenting which nursing students and healthcare organizations are participating in this program.

Nurse Apprentice Program | Board of Nursing (

New Graduate Temporary License: Idaho Rule authorizes the New Graduate Temporary License Program.

    1. A New Graduate Temporary License allows graduated nursing students to work as new graduate nurses with direct supervision from a licensed registered nurse while they prepare to take the NCLEX.
    2. Historically, senior nursing students are not eligible for this program until they have graduated. Board rules updated on July 1, 2021, now allow 30-day pre-graduation period to allow senior nursing students to work with a New Graduate Temporary License prior to graduation.
    3. Senior nursing students that meet the requirements as listed above will need to submit the online application by creating an account in the online Idaho Nurse Portal (https://ibn.boardsofnursing.orq/ibn).
    4. Note: We encourage senior nursing students interested in this program to apply prior to the 30-day pre-graduation period so that the temporary license may be processed and issued active on the first date of the 30-day pre-graduation period.

Compact License: If you hold an active Multi-State License in good standing in any of the compact states you may practice in the state of Idaho without obtaining additional licensure.

LPN & RN Endorsement: Endorsement means that a nurse has graduated from an approved nursing program taken/passed the NCLEX or a state board exam and have been granted and hold an active unencumbered license in a U.S. State, Territory, or Commonwealth. Steps to apply for endorsement are as follow:

    • Complete an application for endorsement via the nurse poral, request temporary license within the endorsement application (
    • Payment of the application fee.
    • Complete a fingerprint-based background check.
    • State License Verification.
    • Employment Verification.