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APRN Advisory Committee

Meetings for the APRN Advisory Committee are held quarterly. Any members of the public interested in Advanced Practice issues are invited to attend. For times and location please check this page (or, our online calendar) 48 hours before the meeting.

APRN Advisory Committee MemberCommittee PositionCity RepresentedAnticipated Term Expiration (Unless Reappointed)
Cathy R. Arvidson, PhD, APRN, CNPChairIdaho Falls06/30/2020
(Scheduled for Reappointment Consideration at 02/2021 Board Meeting)
Jessica Garner, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BCVice-ChairMeridian 06/30/2021
Helene Reusser, APRN, CNMAPRN CNM MemberMeridian 06/30/2021
Chad Bailey, APRN, CNPAPRN CNP Member Coeur D’Alene 06/30/2020
Marylynn Hippe, MSN, RN, APRN, ACNS-BC APRN CNS MemberMiddleton 06/30/2021
Betty Brosh Schoenecker, APRN, CRNA APRN CRNA MemberBoise06/30/2021
Starla Higdon, RPhPharmacist Member Boise 06/30/2022
Philippe Masser, MDPhysician MemberBoise06/30/2022
Ralene F. Wiberg, MDPhysician MemberBoise 06/30/2021
Zachary X. Morairty, MDPhysician MemberTwin Falls 06/30/2021
Keith E. Davis, MD, FAAFPPhysician MemberShoshone 06/30/2023
Gwen Smith, EdDPublic MemberBoise06/30/2022

Agendas will be posted according to the Public Meeting Rules at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.Barring any corrections, Minutes will be posted after they are approved at the following meeting.

June 2021 Agenda

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