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Licensure Application Types


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Reinstatement Post Discipline

It may be helpful to gather the essential elements before starting the application process.

Your Nurse Portal link will direct you to the Reinstatement After Discipline registered nurse (RN) or licensed professional nurse (LPN) application.          Only completed applications including all essential items, will be eligible for review by Idaho Board staff, before presentation to the Board members for reinstatement consideration. Once you start the application, you will see: INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLY FOR A NURSE LICENSEREINSTATEMENT.

The Board’s authorities for Reinstatement After Discipline cited in Idaho Code IC§54-1404 and Rules of the Board IDAPA govern a systematic review of application materials, as well as: the Idaho Board’s beliefs/philosophies/policies, the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) mandates, the National Conference of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Uniform Licensure Requirements (ULRs), all Board Orders and any other materials the Board deems necessary to prove an applicant’s safety to practice.

If the application is not completed within one (1) year, all documents become the property of the Board of Nursing and will be destroyed, without further notification. It is the responsibility of the applicant to complete the application and upload all required documents. After one (1) year, the application expires without notification from the Board.  Upon re-applying, a new biometric finger-print based background check will be required, including full payment of application and finger-print fees.

Completed applications, with evidence of full compliance with all terms & conditions of all Board Orders and fully meeting requirements of Reinstatement will be presented to the Board for review and action. If the Board acts to reinstate a license but the application has expired, the applicant will be required to submit a new application including a new biometric finger-print based background check and full payment of application and finger-print fees.  A nurse refresher course may be a term of reinstatement.

Licensure discipline is public, reportable to national databases and stays with a license forever. Reinstatement After Discipline Boards orders are reported to the NCSBN national database as “revision” actions.

Types of evidence documents supporting your safety to practice            

Your Board Order can be found at Be prepared to upload Board Ordered compliance documents in PDF format.  

  • Court Dispositions:  for any criminal offense, provide court release documents of any court obligation up to and including the time of application or anticipated dispositions.
  • Substance Use History:  sobriety date, and evidence of recovery, treatment, proof of sustained sobriety including recovery activities, support group attendance dates, meetings, counseling, sponsors, and results of drug testing.
  • Drug & Alcohol Evaluation:  conducted by an Idaho Board known evaluator or a professional with like credentials, within the last 6 months indicating diagnosis, impression and recommendations to the Board.  Provide the Board Order for the evaluator.
  • Mental Health/Psychiatric evaluation:  within the last 6 months indicating diagnosis, treatment plan, counseling history and safety to practice recommendation to the Board
  • Health Care Provider recommendation: including any medical diagnoses that could impact safe nursing practice, including all treatment regimens and a comprehensive list of all medications
  • Letters of Reference: from employers, colleagues, clergy, other
  • Other Board Ordered terms & conditions
  • A list of all employers since the time of licensure discipline

Qualified Health, Substance Use, and Mental Health evaluators may include:  Licensed advanced practice professional nurses (APRNs), physicians assistants, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), license professional counselors, licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, or addictionologist.

Contact the Board office for an approved list of Board-known qualified health care evaluators.


The LPN license renewal period is June 1 through August 31 in even-numbered years.

The RN and APRN license renewal period is 1 through August 31 in odd-numbered years.

If your Idaho nursing license is not renewed by August 31 of your renewal year, it will automatically become inactive and a reinstatement application will be required. If you continue to practice nursing in Idaho with an expired license, an administrative fine may be assessed.

Continued Competence Requirements are effective starting with the 2020 License Renewal period. Each licensee requesting renewal of their license will need to attest to completing two of the three learning activities outlined in Board Rule.

We do not accept fees without the accompanying signed renewal form. We encourage you to renew your license through the Nurse Portal during the normal renewal period.

 Temporary License FeeInitial Application FeeLicense by Exam FeeLicense by EndorsementLicense RenewalExpiration Date
Registered Nurse$25--$90$110$90Aug 31 - odd years
Practical Nurse$25--$75$110$90Aug 31 - even years
Advanced Practice Nurse$25$90----$90Aug 31 - odd years
Medication Assistant - Certified--------$35Aug 31 - even years

Please Note: if you are employed by the United States Government (including the Department of Defense), and a license in Idaho is required in order for you to perform your official duties, you may renew through the Nurse Portal.

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