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Senior Nursing Student or Recent Graduate

If you are a senior nursing student in good academic standing (or if you have recently graduated and have not yet taken the NCLEX), you are eligible to request a LPN or RN New Graduate Temporary License. The temporary license authorizes you to work as a new graduate nurse with direct supervision from a licensed registered nurse as you wait for graduation and to take the NCLEX. This temporary license is eligible for immediate issuance for senior nursing students that meet the above-listed requirements. Please request the Chair of your nursing program provide confirmation to the Idaho Board of Nursing that you meet the requirements as listed above. To submit the online application, create an account in the online Idaho Nurse Portal. We eliminated the fee for the graduate temporary license in January 2020. You may apply through the standalone New Graduate Temporary License application or through the Initial By Exam application (this option will require you to pay for the Initial By Exam application fee).  

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