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Nurse Apprentice Program


A nurse apprentice is a currently enrolled nursing student who is employed for remuneration in a non-licensed capacity by an Idaho Board of Nursing approved health care agency. A nurse apprentice may, under licensed registered nurse supervision, perform all functions approved by the Board for unlicensed assistive personnel.

Instructions for Students

To be eligible, the nursing student must have completed a basic nursing fundamental course and have on-going good academic standing in the nursing education program. An individual whose application is approved shall be issued a letter identifying the individual as a nurse apprentice for a designated time period to extend not more than 3 months after successful completion of the nursing education program.

Please reference the PDF link for details about the student application process:

Student Application

Instructions for Health Care Agencies

Facilities interested in employing Nurse Apprentices are required to submit an application to the Idaho Board of Nursing. Facilities who have been approved will receive a letter and certificate of approval designating the year for which approval is granted. Approved facilities are required to submit an annual report to the Idaho Board of Nursing within 30 days of the request. Facilities who let their approval expire will be required to submit a new application and pay the non-refundable application fee again. At any time, if the facility fails to inform the Idaho Board of Nursing of changes in conditions upon which approval was based or otherwise fails to comply with established requirements, approval may be withdrawn.

Please reference the PDF link for details about the facility application process:

Facility Application

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