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New Graduate Temporary License Program


A temporary license to practice nursing until notification of examination results and completion of the criminal background check may be issued to an applicant for Idaho LPN or RN licensure following graduation from a nursing education program recognized by the Board or professional licensing board in another nursing jurisdiction.

The practice of nursing by new graduates holding temporary licensure is limited as follows:

  • Direct supervision by a licensed RN is provided.
  • Precluded from acting as charge nurse.
  • Temporary licenses issued to examination candidates are issued for a period not to exceed three months (90 days).

An applicant who fails to successfully achieve a passing score on the applicable NCLEX-PN® or NCLEX-RN® exam is not eligible for further new graduate temporary licensure.

Instructions for Current Senior Nursing Students or Recent Graduates

A current senior nursing student, or recent graduate, may apply for a New Graduate Temporary License within the LPN Initial By Exam Application or RN Initial By Exam Application. A stand-alone LPN Temporary License Application (New Graduate) or RN Temporary License Application (New Graduate) are also available if they have already submitted an Initial By Exam application. All applications are available in the license application portal found here.

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