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Letter from Executive Officer

From the Executive Director

Russ Barron The Idaho Board of Nursing exists to help individuals attain their highest goals in the profession of nursing, which results in citizens receiving the best healthcare possible. 

From before birth throughout life, nurses make huge, positive impacts on our lives.  Our services of retaining competent Idaho nurses through licensing, discipline, and alternatives to discipline programs are designed to help the nursing profession’s rating of being the most trusted profession continue, and to keep patients safe.  

Idaho’s Board of Nursing is part of a health community that includes many partners.  Our desire is to collaborate and be strong member of this community in order to improve the lives of Idahoans.  

We are always interested in your feedback on policies, processes, and performance as we continue to make important changes in delivering our services.  Also, find us and like us on Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. 

~ Russ Barron, MBA, CPM

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