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About IBN


The Idaho Board of Nursing elevates the practice of nursing by regulating, supporting, and empowering nurses to perform at the highest level of their licensure to protect the public’s health, safety and well-being.

Vision Statement

Exceptional nurses. Exceptional care.

Our History

The Board was created in 1911 by authority of Idaho Legislature. It was created to regulate nursing practice and education for the purpose of public protection.

The Board of Nursing is an independent self-governing agency, and is made up of nine (9) Governor-appointed members who serve 4-year terms: 1 Consumer, 2 Licensed Practical Nurses, 5 Licensed Professional/Registered Nurses, and 1 Licensed Advanced Practice Professional Nurse.

What does the Board do?

  • Established criteria for licensure
  • Licenses persons qualified to practice as licensed practical nurses (L.P.N.), professional nurses (R.N.), and advanced practice professional nurses (APRN) in the categories of certified midwife (C.N.M.), clinical nurse specialist (C.N.S.), nurse practitioner (N.P.) and registered nurse anesthetist (C.R.N.A)
  • Establishes standards for conduct and practice  
  • Imposes disciplinary action
  • Establishes criteria for nursing education programs
  • Surveys and grants initial and continuing approval to educational programs that meet established criteria
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