Sandra Evans, MAEd, RN -Executive Director 
         Oversight for Administration and Licensure



Susan K. Odom PhD, RN, FRE, CCRN-K  -Associate Executive Director, Practice and Education 
         Oversight for Practice and Education



Andrea Anzalone, RN -Associate Director for Investigation and Discipline 
         Investigations and Discipline



Kathleen Pollard, RN -Associate Director for Alternative Programs 
        Practice Remediation Program(PRP)

        Program for Recovering Nurses (PRN)



Sharon Matthies –Business Systems Manager 
         Web Maintenance

        Nurse Portal and ORBS Database Liaison


Janet Summers -Business Operations and Support Manager 
         Office Management

        Board of Nursing Support

        DHR Liaison



Rick Myers -Customer Service Representative 
          Greeting and DirectingCustomers

          Processing Mail
          License Verifications

          Requests for Notice of Termination Forms 


Diana Anderson -Endorsement Clerk 
         Licensure processing for endorsement, reinstatement, emeritus, 
         Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), NP, RNA, CNS, CNM



Randy Kibler -Examination Clerk 
         Licensure processing for examination (NCLEX) applications,

         Internationally-educated nurses, processing applications for

         nurse apprentices and CNA instructors.



Dustie Reyna -Office Specialist II 
          Finger Printing, Renewal Processing, Reinstatement after discipline



 Joan Peterson -Office Specialist II 
          Administrative Secretarial Support

         Investigations and Discipline Support


Mindy Diehl -Financial Technician 

        Financial Records

         Renewal Processing