The Mission of the Idaho Board of Nursing is to regulate nursing practice and education for the purpose of safeguarding the public health, safety, and welfare.

Establishing a Nurse Portal account is the first step for initial licensure by exam, license by endorsement, and renewals of all license types. Required external forms are on the Forms/Instructions web page.  If you have questions about the Nurse Portal, contact the Board office at:


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Apply to renew your RN and/or APRN (CNM, CNS, CNP, CRNA) license using the online Idaho Nurse Portal.

Online license renewal is open May 1 through August 31, 2017.

Complete your renewal application, pay the required fee, and print or save your receipt in one easy process.

For more information check our "Renewal Process" page (to the left) or click “Additional Renewal Information” below.

To verify the status of any license, please log on to

If you have not already, please enroll yourself in Nursys e-notify which is a free license notification system.

Additional Renewal Information

AUTHORITY: In compliance with Sections 67-5220(1) and 67-5220(2), Idaho Code, notice is hereby given that this agency intends to promulgate rules and desires public comment prior to initiating formal rulemaking procedures. This negotiated rulemaking action is authorized pursuant to Section 54-1404(13), Idaho Code.

MEETING SCHEDULE: A public meeting on the negotiated rulemaking will be held on Friday, July 21, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. For the address and other details, visit the Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules – Negotiated Rulemaking.

  The purpose of this negotiated rulemaking is to update and clarify the Board’s rules regarding limited licenses and nursing educational programs. The Board will consider revisions to how it processes the issuance of limited licenses under Rule 132, and the faculty qualifications for practical, registered and advanced practice registered nursing programs under Board Rule 640.


The Idaho Board of Nursing has established the 2017 meeting dates:

January 19-20, April 20-21, July 20-21, and October 12-13, 2017
Any information to be brought before the Board must be received in the Board office one month prior to the meeting date.

2015 Idaho Nursing Overview

The 2015 Idaho Nursing Overview, produced by the Idaho Department of Labor in collaboration with Idaho's higher education institutions with funding from the Idaho Board of Nursing, provides an overview of the nursing workforce in Idaho, focusing on nurse supply and demand and reported by a number of different variables.  Access the report on the IDOL website at:

The Idaho Nursing Overview: An Interim Report (May 2017) is available at:

The Nursys licensure and disciplinary database is the repository of data provided directly from Idaho State Board of Nursing and is primary source equivalent. Information can be found at Nursys


Temporary licenses cannot be verified from this website.  Please contact the Board office at (208) 577-2476.  A faxed verification of temporary licensure is available upon request.