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COVID-19 Temporary Licenses

The Idaho Board of Nursing has temporarily revised the process for the applications listed below in response to Governor Little’s proactive emergency declaration on March 13, 2020 to aid in the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) response effort in Idaho.

COVID-19 Temporary Licenses, when issued, are active for up to 90 days. Expiration dates for temporary licenses are not automatically extended. If you would like to request your temporary license be extended, please submit a written request to

Idaho Board of Nursing Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
Current Nursing Student
Inactive Idaho Licensed Nurse
Senior Nursing Student or Recent Graduate
LPN or RN Without an Idaho or Multi-State License
APRN Licensed in a State Other Than Idaho

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Oct 12
Meetings are open to the public and will be convened at the location listed on the individual event page. Any information regarding matters to be brought before the Board for consideration or decision-making must be received in the Board office one month prior to the meeting date.
The Mission of the Idaho Board of Nursing is to regulate nursing practice and education for the purpose of safeguarding the public health, safety, and welfare.
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